Eating Salmon For Brain Health

eating salmon for brain health

Does eating salmon make you smarter? Well, intelligence can be a subjective metric, but what IS known for sure is that eating salmon is good for your brain health.  The human brain is 60% fat, and, more specifically, DHA (an omega-3 essential fatty acid) is a major structural component of the human brain. A lack … Read more

How to Know if Salmon Is Bad

how to know if salmon is bad

When salmon is good, it’s among the best foods you can eat, and it’s delicious too.  High in protein, bursting with beneficial micronutrients like B vitamins and selenium, and chock-full of heart-helping, brain-boosting fatty acids, wild-caught salmon is a staple in the diets of both nutrition nuts and folks who choose what foods to eat … Read more

Wild vs Farmed Salmon: Which Is Better?

Wild vs Farmed Salmon

Understanding the difference between wild vs farmed salmon is crucial for your health and that of the environment. Although you’ll be eating the same species of fish for either, their lifestyle and food consumption vary so greatly that the differences between wild-caught and farm-raised salmon on people and the environment are enormous.  The Basics: Wild … Read more