About Us

Hi, I’m Rick, and I manage Salmon Facts. I am Marine Science teacher in Florida, and salmon happens to be my favorite fish for the dinner table. Here are a few photos of my students and I dissecting a dogfish shark this semester:

OK, back to salmon…

Salmon Facts is an online resource where visitors can learn about all aspects of salmon species, and their role in both ecology and as a food source. Our mission is to empower consumers to have a positive impact through the food choices they make.

There is a lot of information and misinformation on the internet about salmon. Here you will find the most credible research, articles, and resources on why eating responsibly sourced salmon is an important part of our food gathering and distribution systems. 

The site currently has four primary categories of content:

1) Nutrition (eating salmon for health and wellness)

2) Conservation (working with commercial fishermen towards responsible fishing practices)

3) Sport fishing (tips on locations, equipment, and techniques)

3) Ocean Farming (aquaculture for sustainability)

We’re a small but dedicated group of volunteers who work tirelessly to protect our fish and ocean ecosystems from pollution and degradation by irresponsible corporations to ensure that salmon remain healthy for both diners and sport fishermen.

The Pacific Northwest is a global leader in salmon conservation efforts, ocean farming, nutrition, and sustainable sport fishing. The region’s wild-caught salmon are among the most pristine you can find anywhere in the world. This site aims to shed light on all of that with clear facts and research.

Salmon has always been a popular food, but as wild salmon populations decline, the industry is looking for new ways to sustainably supply consumers with this nutritious fish. And while there are some risks associated with farming salmon (pollution, disease transmission), it’s still a viable option to ensure that our favorite fish stays on dinner plates and not at the bottom of nets.

The goal of SalmonFacts.org is to build an active community around this mission: eating salmon for health and wellness while responsibly farming our oceans.

Salmon is a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also an excellent source of Vitamin D, which can help maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, thus helping to strengthen bones.

We are also concerned with environmental concerns related to salmon ocean farming. The site’s goal is to improve consumer awareness by providing accurate and insightful information about the industry.

We hope you’ll find this website helpful in learning more about salmon farming, ocean conservation efforts, and the health benefits of eating fresh seafood. If you have any questions or comments regarding our content please don’t hesitate to reach out!