Best Place to Fish for Salmon in Wisconsin

best place to fish for salmon in wisconsin

Salmon fishing is a popular activity for anglers in Wisconsin. The state is home to a variety of salmon species, including Chinook (King), Coho, Atlantic, and Pink salmon. Lake Michigan and Lake Superior are the primary waters for salmon fishing in Wisconsin, and the tributaries flowing into these lakes also contain salmon at varying times … Read more

River Notes for Best Salmon Fishing

Fish for Salmon in a River

Salmon Facts is thrilled to join forces with the Atlantic Salmon Federation, an international authority on the topic of the ecology and conservation of river salmon fishing in North America.  Their former website,, promoted their commitment to returning Wild Atlantic Salmon to historic levels, working wherever there are Atlantic salmon in North America, out at … Read more

Where To Catch Salmon In England

Salmon In England

Sadly, we realized that our roundup post about salmon fishing in Europe overlooked the many opportunities with regards where to catch salmon in England.  Salmon fishing in England is a beloved pastime that combines the thrill of angling with the opportunity to catch one of the most prized fish in the world. The country’s rivers … Read more

The Best Salmon Lures For A Good Catch

best salmon lures

Salmon is considered one of the most prized catches for any angler, and rightly so. Their delicious flesh is a real treat, but catching them can be a real challenge. The right lure can make all the difference, so if you’re looking to land yourself a salmon, check out our guide to the best salmon … Read more

Best Salmon Fishing in the U.S.

Top 10 Destinations for Salmon Fishing in the U.S.

Fishing the fresh waters scattered across the United States for salmon is a favorite past-time for many. The relaxation the calming waters bring as you fully immerse yourself in nature is unmatched.  Some of the best places to fish for salmon in the U.S. are found in the northern states such as Alaska, New York, … Read more