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How Chefs Are Being Reeled In With Farm-Raised Seafood’s Sustainability

Farm-raised fish haven’t always been the catch of the day. As recently as 2017, chefs in Seattle called fish from farms “just gross” and added that they “taste bad,” according to the Seattle Times. But that mindset is changing as more chefs are starting to buy into the idea of using fish from a farm hook, line, and sinker. The sustainability of aquaculture is a big part of the bait that has attracted restaurant owners and chefs. READ MORE…

Commercial California King Salmon Season Officially Back in Action

SAN FRANCISCO — After a recent season break, the 2022 commercial California King salmon season is officially back on, and California’s commercial fishermen are reporting great catches. READ MORE…

Stop scapegoating the salmon industry. Anglers have caught and killed millions of wild fish

Friends of Loch Hourn (FOLH) commissioned scientific modelling to demonstrate the threat to wild fish, but the actual counts of wild fish tell a different story. Rod catch data, which Scottish Government scientists use to assess stocks of wild fish, show that since the farm first arrived in the area, catches of salmon and grilse have actually increased. READ MORE…

Salmon Farmer Lands Sustainability Award

Scottish Sea Farms earned the U.K. Association for Renewable Energy & Clean Technology’s (REA) Sustainability Award at its annual ceremony, held on Thursday, 9 June at Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens.

The awards were launched in 2006 to recognize organizations and individuals measurable progress toward net zero. READ MORE..

Majority of US Voters Support Aquaculture

A new American poll shows overwhelming support for the expansion of aquaculture in the United States as Canada remains in a fog of confusion over the future of fish farms, especially in British Columbia. READ MORE…

US Voters Support Aquaculture

Chilean President Boric planning reconstruction of country’s fishing laws

Chile will look to replace its existing fishing laws, while also strengthen environmental stewardship in the ocean, President Gabriel Boric, who took office in March, said in his first address to the nation on 1 June 2022.

“In terms of fisheries and aquaculture, we will fulfill our commitment to advance in a new law, which will be free of corruption and the result of an open and transparent debate. One that delivers clear, fair, and sustainable rules, both at an industrial and artisanal level,” Boric said during the televised speech from Chile’s Congress. READ MORE

Salmon farming well supported, industry survey finds

A BIG majority of people in Shetland are supportive of salmon farming, according to a poll carried out by Ipsos Scotland on behalf of the industry. READ MORE

Former MSP for Shetland Tavish Scott is now the chief executive of Salmon Scotland.

Salmon Farming Market Expecting an Outstanding Growth Till 2028

Salmon Farming Market report covers Market Overview, Future Economic Impact, Competition by Manufacturers, Supply (Production), and Consumption Analysis, etc.

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Investors Go Salmon Fishing With Climate Scientists

salmon farming news

Yahoo Finance – The global climate is an enormously complex system, and as climate change intensifies, damaging climate events are cascading from one another. Here’s an example: shrinking Arctic sea ice drives changes in temperature circulation in the Atlantic Ocean, which leads to more frequent droughts in the Amazon rainforest. The interactions are sprawling and global in scope. Read More

About Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon

Only farm-raised Atlantic salmon are found in U.S. seafood markets.

Commercial fishing for Atlantic salmon in the United States is prohibited. The Gulf of Maine distinct population segment (DPS) of Atlantic salmon are protected under the Endangered Species Act. Learn more about protected Atlantic salmon.

From the Marine Stewardship Council

Is Salmon Sustainable?

Salmon carrying the blue MSC label is certified sustainable. MSC labelled salmon comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard