Are Salmon Freshwater or Saltwater Fish?

Are Salmon Freshwater or Saltwater Fish

There isn’t a difference between freshwater salmon and saltwater salmon, as they’re the same species. So, when you’re trying to identify whether you’re looking at a salmon freshwater or saltwater “species,” you need to know where the salmon spent its adulthood.  The Nuances of Freshwater and Saltwater Salmon Habitats It’s important to explore the question, … Read more

Difference Between Steelhead and Salmon

Difference Between Steelhead and Salmon

Steelhead and salmon have a similar appearance at first glance. However, experienced anglers can tell you that the differences between steelhead fish vs. salmon are vast, ranging from size to taste.  Is Steelhead Salmon or Trout? Steelhead fish is trout, as it belongs to the rainbow trout species. However, unlike rainbow trout but like salmon, … Read more

Arctic Char vs Salmon: A Comparison Guide

Arctic Char vs Salmon Nutrition

Arctic char and salmon are two of the most popular fish that people eat. They are both healthy, but they have some major differences. The first difference is that arctic char is a freshwater fish, while salmon is a saltwater fish. This means that arctic char has a different flavor than salmon. Arctic char also … Read more

Pink vs. Red Salmon: What’s the Difference?

Pink vs. Red Salmon: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re getting ready to fish for salmon or want to choose a nutrient-rich fish for your family, you might want to know the differences between red salmon vs. pink salmon. Obviously, the most significant difference between these fish is their color, although they also have slight variations in taste, texture, and habitat. The Formal … Read more

How to Buy Salmon

How to Buy Salmon

When it comes to seafood, salmon is one of the most popular items because it’s nutritious and delicious. But not all salmon is created equal. There are three main types of salmon: Atlantic, wild Pacific, and farmed Pacific. The Atlantic and wild Pacific varieties come from cold waters, while the farmed variety is raised in … Read more

Wild Salmon Facts

wild salmon facts

Wild salmon is a popular and important fish that is found in many parts of the world. There are many different breeds of wild salmon, each adapted to a specific ecosystem. Salmon are an important part of their respective ecosystems, and the loss of a single species can have a significant impact on the local … Read more

About Types of Salmon

salmon spawning in Alaska

Aquaculture, or fish farming, is an element of modern food production. It provides food to the masses while reducing our reliance on traditional agricultural methods. In fact, almost half of all fish consumed in the US comes from aquaculture operations. But what about the types of salmon that are raised in these operations? Are they … Read more

Wild vs Farmed Salmon: Which Is Better?

Wild vs Farmed Salmon

Understanding the difference between wild vs farmed salmon is crucial for your health and that of the environment. Although you’ll be eating the same species of fish for either, their lifestyle and food consumption vary so greatly that the differences between wild-caught and farm-raised salmon on people and the environment are enormous.  The Basics: Wild … Read more